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Royalty Flush
CWR Conversion Services

Royalty Flush CWR Services puts Common Works Registration (CWR) into the hands of all music publishers and self-published songwriters/composers.

How it works

Download Excel template

Download the Excel template

Fill Excel template

Enter your publishing data into the Excel template

Upload Excel template

Upload the completed Excel file(s)

Pay for service

Pay for the Excel to CRW conversion via PayPal

Receive CRW file

We will return to you a CWR File (v2.1) with your data


Royalty Flush CWR Services

CWR Services is available at an hourly rate to clean, format (i.e. from file types including .csv, .txt or .pdf) and prepare your data, in addition to converting it to CWR.

Pricing Structure for CWR Conversion

  • $10 per submitted file, plus:
  • $0.03/work up to 1,000
  • $0.025/work from 1,001 to 10,000
  • $0.02/work for 10,001 and above

Start converting


Royalty Flush creates technology products for music publishers and sound recording owners to manage their works and maximize their revenues.

CWR is the global standard for registration of musical compositions at Collection Management Organizations, with third-party subpublishers, and with platforms including Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and others.

With Royalty Flush CWR Services, CWR is in the hands of all music publishers.

Developed by a music publisher to address its internal needs, Royalty Flush rights management tools solve real-world problems faced by rightsholders and rights managers.

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